40+ Rainbow Loom Tutorials and Ideas

For Christmas this year, my daughter officially joined the biggest craft craze to hit kids gifts since… well… I don’t know what was this big.  And if you have little elastics all over the floor, you know what I’m talking about.  Yep, that’s right, she received a Rainbow Loom from Santa.

rainbow loom starter kitIn case you live under a rock, the Rainbow Loom is a little tool that allows you to create bracelets, keychains, charms, and more with small elastics (similar to those you would put at the end of a small braid in your hair, but they are thicker).  The bands come in all different colors, and you can create endless combinations with them.  As I type this, my daughter has been at the neighbour’s for the past 5 hours, the two of them “Rainbow Looming” together.  They have gone Rainbow Loom crazy!

Over 40 Ideas for the Rainbow Loom - from Bracelets and Patterns to Storage and Organization!

So of course, I had to scour the internet for new ideas for her and her friends to create.  Like any logical person, I had to start a pinterest board.  And now, I am overflowing with Rainbow Loom ideas.  So I am doing what any other logical (blogger) person would do, and I am creating this post to share all the amazing inspiration with you in one spot – so you don’t have to sift through everything like I did.  {You can thank me later, when you are up to your eyelids in elastic bracelets.}

Update!!  After you scroll through these amazing ideas, check out my follow up post – 40+ MORE Rainbow Loom Ideas!

Here they are… my favorite Rainbow Loom Tutorials and Ideas!


Rainbow Loom Beginner Bracelet Patterns


Left Column:  Diamond Bracelet {Loom Love} / Chevron {Inspired Kids via Rainbow Loomatics}/ Double Inverted Fishtail {The Cheese Thief} / Bonbon Bracelet {Loom Love} / Rainbow Fishtail {Loom Love}

Right Column:  Triple Single Bracelet {Loom Love} / Fish Tail Bracelet {Crafty Blog Stalker} / Easy Stretch Bracelets {Crafty Blog Stalker} / Owl Charm Bracelet {Creative Southern Home} / Rainbow Bead Bracelet {HalCraft}


Rainbow Loom Intermediate Bracelet Patterns

Left Column: Extending Bracelets with Single Loom {The Cheese Thief} / Double Sided Bracelet {The Cheese Thief} / The Cube {Loom Love} / Dragon Scale Cuff {Cheryl Mayberry via Rainbow Loomatics} / Times Square {Loom Love} / Double Bead Ladder {Rainbow Loom via Loomatics}

Right Column:  Diamond with Rings {Loom  Love} / Starburst {Kids Activities Blog} / Rainbow Ladder {Kids Activities Blog}/ Confetti Criss Cross {Loom Love} / Carnation Bracelet {Loom Love}


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About Sarah

Sarah Desjardins is a mother of two girls, a wife, an elementary school teacher, and a self proclaimed glitter addict. Becoming Martha is a place for anyone who wants to make their domestic life more beautiful and creative. Sarah started Becoming Martha as a place to find bliss between the diapers and the dishes, and invites you to do the same.


  1. My daughter is so incredibly in love with her Rainbow Loom and learning new techniques. I can’t wait to try some of these with her! Thanks so much for including a post from The Vintage Mom!

  2. Hello, I was just wondering how I would go about getting one of these Rainbow Loom Kits and possibly extra pieces from your or whomever I need to go to ? It looks like such an awesome fun craft for me and my granddaughter to do together when she is staying with me, (which is quite alot lately). Please let me know if you have a moment of time. Thanks so much, Dawn Shartner

    • Hi – you can buy them at Michaels, and I would imagine most other craft stores. I think you can order online from stores like Amazon too. Hope that helps :)

      • Kenli Nettles says:

        I got mine at walmart! I love using it!

        • I got my daughter’s from superstore/extra foods.. they are at walmarts and most departments stores like that I do believe. there are the rainbow loom sets and there are delux combo loom sets available… Not much difference at all other then the board I believe.. I do believe there are also apps available for making loom bracelets as well as millions of videos on youtube and other sites as well

        • What walmart did you find it?

        • i got my at mardens

      • they don’t sell them at Michaels anymore. I think they ran out but that can just be in my town.

    • i bought my sister one for christmas from “Dollarama” for 3.00

    • I Wisconsin , we have them at Walgreens drug store

    • The doller store (maybe, amazon (which is a really good realiable sourse for online shipping that’s were i got mine) , wallmart (maybe) , walgreens (maybe) or ebay.o

    • Breonna Phillips says:

      You can get them for cheap off of amazon and from Walmart and biglots.

    • hello they sell the rubber bands at walmart and dollar general, ut the ines at walmart are better :)

    • Keearra jones says:

      You can order them off line or there even in a lot if stores now!! I absolutely love this rainbow loom crafts!

    • Hi Dawn,
      Sorry it is a bit late but Loom bands you can get from Gloss with 400 bands in a pack for $3.00 or 50c at comedic plus. The glow in the dark and glitter are only 20c at cosmetic plus as well. If you get it from Big W it is really tight and is the cheaper brand . It will not work if you do it around your fingers or the board it turns out crap.

  3. Tammy shepard says:

    My kids love these. That both got one for xmas

  4. The very last link: ‘Baby Jar Storage’ should be nest full of eggs with this link: http://nestfullofeggs.blogspot.ca/2013/11/weaving-rubber-band-bracelets.html Thank you!

  5. Maya Relva says:

    Wow this is

  6. Thanks for putting all of these techneques in one place.
    My 13yr old daughter, Maizy, is traveling to Nigeria, in march, to place soccer with the African children. She will also be visit a few orphanages while there. She will be taking a suitcase filled with these loom bracelets for them. If you have and extras sitting around the house, she would gladly give them as gifts to the children. Please get in touch with me on Pinterest (Raecale Stull), if you are interested. I’m also on Facebook Raecale brad Stull . Thank you for your time.

  7. Chandra Christine O'Connor says:

    my 6 yr old niece got one for christmas and I cant believe how she grabbed it so fast and makes really cute bracelets

  8. carole morgan says:

    i had a stroke. can this be done with one hand, thank you very much. also please contact me by email

  9. Samatha Stuward says:

    I was wondering if you can show how to make the bracelets??? I want to make some of them but I don’t know how?

  10. Look on Zulily….all kinds of neat elastics for the Loom…..my 10 year old granddaughter has one, and she was making all kinds of stuff before she had the loom…but LOVES the loom…..so much easier

  11. Grace and Maddy says:

    These bracelets are really cool me and my BFF are going to try all of them

  12. Love makeing this there fun my class is like adected to them lol!!!!!!

  13. I want to know how u make that web one? It looks awesome.

  14. I have found using buttons in lieue of beads makes a cute addition also. In some designs you have to place them upside down but you can find the most adorable buttons to make the bracelets extra special. I also found Q-clips on etsy, Amazon and eBay that are more secure than the c or s clips and still easy for kids to use (although as an adult sometimes I use actual jewelry clasps)… Just a couple things I have done to jazz it up.

  15. My sister loves making these bracelets with her friends. For Christmas, I got her a thirty one bag with different holding areas that zipper up. She keeps all her bands in it. Thirty one has a lot of different organizing bags and the one we got happens to be perfect. :)

  16. Mary Creason says:

    I want to learn many new things

  17. My daughter is a whizz at these. Made loads. YouTube videos by Ashley Steph are really good instructions. Loomatics book too is good. For storage a fishing tackle box is best…lots of girls we know have them now…can fit 20+ Colours of bands, plus loom and lots of extra bags of bands in. $11 in Walmart. Try weaving ribbon and beads through bands too.

    • Thats a fabulous idea too! Love the tackle box idea. I used to use those as make up and jewelry organizers when I was a teenager!

  18. I love it it is awesome

  19. So happy to see the guest post I did for Lauryn of The Vintage Mom included in your roundup. My kids borrow my iPad to do Rainbow Loom almost every day. I’m already putting together a round up of Valentine Rainbow Loom ideas.

    FYI – I just saw some tool boxes in the organizing section of Home Depot this week that would be perfect for storage. They were 2 boxes for under $10 which is a fantastic price.

  20. My 13 year-old will be thrilled that I pinned this! Thanks!

  21. Many of these i have made and its fun until your loom breaks. Be careful when pulling the bracelets off or else *snap* there goes your loom.i have gone from advanced to beginner to intermediate and they arent that hard.

  22. Thanks for featuring the tutorials from Kids Activities Blog! We really appreciate it.

  23. My kids love these and have looms but I like them using the plastic fork better. It is easier to transport and they can keep a sandwich baggie of bands and a plastic fork “loom” in the car.
    Also- how many bracelets are you as a mom wearing? I am limiting it to 3. My kids all want me to wear one of their creations. *sigh*

  24. Those designs got sold so fast all you can see a really long line

  25. Supriya Billa says:

    Great post. I used clear egg carton for storing and sorting the rubber bands.

  26. your website sucks I am nine and cant figure out how to get to the torials I click on them and it takes me to a page where I just shot the picture of what it looks like

  27. Thanks you alot for the ideas and all that you helped me and myy mom and we are seting a new room for me and all that and i am happy this website is helping i am 14 and i love making stuff and making art thank you so much andi ave a binder full of all yur amazing idea

  28. I’m 32 yrs old and love these neat ideas. My niece got the band’s for christmas but no loom so I spent most of christmas day ( and well into the night) searching youtube for making them by hand…. but now I have to get a loom my eyes are open and my fingers are sore!

    • So much fun, right?!

    • I did the same thing trying to copy my granddaughter. My fingers didn’t last long.
      Grab a strong drinking straw, fold in half, and continue the fingers bracelet on the straw! I’ve made several this way. It’s easy to carry around a straw, some loops, and a clip in a sandwich zip loc!
      I can join in the fun as a Grandma!

  29. Can you do a team black, green and white bracelet?

  30. Hi I love the rainbow loom things!

  31. Thank you so much for making such an AWESOME site. I have been wondering like forever about all of these bracelets and how to make them so I thank you so so so so so so so much for this site!

  32. Hi, I’m 11 and I love rainbowloom! It’s mad at our school, one of the teachers has started selling them at her office after school. I got one for Christmas too, and my fave one is the starburst! All my friends love it and you can’t go down the hallway without seeing a loom!

  33. Hi Sarah I was just wondering where I could find the tutorials because I can only see the pics. So let me know or you can just email me. Thank you

  34. I too am an absolute glitter junkie…..I hoard my glitter, am always thinking about my glitter, have googled all glitter around the world, have established an intricate organization method for my glitter and so on…… And now….I have become obsessed with my daughters latest craze…..loom elastics…..ebay cannot provide enough for me! And my poor children have had to patiently sit and watch while I strategically organize them. I check on my kids and their friends to make sure they’re keeping to the organization method! The only downside is that I’m constantly picking up elastics all over the house!

  35. Thank you for including my Fish Tail Bracelet Tutorial. This is such a great round up of fabulous tutorials I am honored to be a part of it!

  36. I love some of the projects you have on your web site, but I’m having a hard time trying to find one of the looms that you can take apart to make the double cross bracelet. Do you know where I might be able to get one without having to buy another kit?

  37. How can I access the tutorials?

  38. Hi Martha, I am wondering where I could find the tutorials of how to make some bracletes! Can I do that on this website?

  39. Hi there
    Loving your website!
    My name is Jill and I’m in the UK. My daughter is named Martha and we were both wondering why you chose to call your website ‘Becoming Martha?’
    Many thanks
    Jill and Martha

    • Hi there! In the beginning, my blog was created in an effort to become more “domesticated” as a mother, wife, and creative soul – so I chose Becoming Martha because it was my journey of becoming more “Martha-like” (Martha Stewart that is – minus the jail time!)

  40. Love the ideas

  41. Oh! The kids here are still all over these, thanks! ps do you have elastics ALL over the house too???? Jeesh!

  42. Bec Clarke says:

    Thank you so much that’s amazing.

  43. My daughter loves Rainbow loom , she is trying new thinks every day

  44. Rachel Fenton says:

    I need a rainbow loom big sack big enough for an egg to fit inside ps I’m doing it for a scool project due on April 16 so if you could come up with one then I would be very greatful pps i also would like it if you would make a video on it thank you so very much your the best

  45. Hi, if your looking for a rainbow loom kit you can get them off eBay, 2 dollar shop, some Safeway shops and they are really good to make!
    Hope ya love em

  46. Alex Orrell says:

    I love my loom bands that are so cool .you can make all different things like headbands, bags and rings

  47. Cheryl Mayberry says:


    I just wanted to thank you for adding my Dragon Scale Cuff design to you feature.

    Should you decide to do an update at any time Have several designed that can be made on one to two forks in stead of making the on a loom. For children that do not have looms. They are very popular so I thought you may be interested in viewing them.

    Cheryl Mayberry

  48. Tracey Ellis says:

    Please can you post to Australia & I would like to pay whatever it costs thanks

  49. 7Loomers says:

    Our whole house has gone loomy. My younger two girls (9 and 10) prefer doing all the “tail” type bracelets, my middle child (12) has fallen in love with doing charms and prefers them to doing the bracelets, and my oldest daughter (15) and I love creating our own. Son (18) and hubby have even gotten in on the act. While many bands are pretty decent, be careful of the looms! Some have sharp edges/can break easily. For durability, I highly recommend the Rainbow Loom itself, the Sunshine Loom (a LOT more can be done with it, it’s circular, has removable pegs, storage space, a peg in the middle clasps the hook to it – no losing the hook! – comes with a lid, and has size markings along the side to make the perfect sized bracelet every time for anyone)…though the Sunshine Loom is a bit pricier (anywhere from $19-22). The FunLoom and Cra-Z-Loom are also good, sturdy looms, and both of these models can be added onto sideways or up/down for wider or longer creations if you have more than one. Also don’t forget to check out Rainbow Loom’s new Monster Tail! My girls and I have been playing around with ours since they arrived. 18 different patterns included, but we’ve discovered more, as well as ways to make small charms with them, too! The Monster Tail makes doing the “tail” type bracelets (fishtail, hexafish, quadrafish, etc.) a lot easier than trying to do them on the pin bars of the Rainbow – or other – Loom. Hope this helps some who are just catching on to the loomadness!

  50. Yeah I’m 13 and I love doing looms but I only know how to do the fishtale and lope ones cause there the easiest ones to do, so can you post some of the tutorials that would be very helpful.
    Thanks x

  51. To the Grandmother asking where you can purchase rainbow loom, there is a Rainbow loom web store, you can order online, & I think Michael’s sell them. That’s where I purchased my first one, & the next one was ordered directly off the websit at http://www.rainbowloom/home.com

  52. Maria Duran says:

    I just came across your website and would love to purchase Rainbow Loom. Where in the UK could I get this?

    Many thanks


    • I’m not sure, as I don’t sell the looms. Try visiting the official Rainbow Loom website, maybe there is a purchase or contact link there. Good luck!

    • 7Loomers says:

      Yes, rainbowloom.com has international shipping. However, the shipping can get expensive depending on how much you’re buying at one time. While I do highly recommend some extra packs of bands, I wouldn’t get too crazy on there. Maybe 1 loom kit and 4-5 packs of bands (go for the mixes for a bigger selection).

    • U can get the loom from Amazon or Ebay but for packets of bands go to Smyths or Claires accessories or pound shops…etc I live in UK too 😀

  53. Hi!! I was wondering if you know where I can find a tutorial for an “awareness” bracelet, such as breast cancer, autism, addiction awareness, etc.? Thanks!!

    • I’m not sure, but I would try loomlove.com – they have the largest selection I’ve seen so far. Also try YouTube! Good luck!

  54. Loren Corgey says:

    Do you have these pattern available to download & print? We do not have internet at our house and my daughter really wants to make new bracelets with new patterns but she cant watch the videos on you tube. Thanks for your help!!

    • Hi there! Sorry, I do not – I don’t make the patterns, I just put them all together so they were easy to find. I’m sorry!

  55. Deb Harris says:

    Hi. I’m just curious wether this is more for older girls 10 & up? My granddaughter is about to turn 7. She loves crafts-making things. This looks like something she’d love but don’t want to get something too old for her. Any advice would be great. It’s one of those things that as soon saw it I thought she ‘d love it & the birthday gift was planned. Ijust don’t want to frustrate her too much. If it turns out to be her gift I’m not sure my daughter will love all the small pieces.

    • Hi Deb!
      So sorry for the late reply, these messages went to my spam! Anyway, I teach in elementary school and ALL of the kids are doing it here, even kindergarteners – they just need a little less help as they get older. My daughter is 8 and loves it, I think a 7 year old would be fine, and wouldn’t need much help once she got the hang of it!

      Hope that helps and hope it wasn’t too late :)

  56. Omg! I <3 this website! I got my Rainbow Loom Metal kit from Ebay because I live in England. it is £19.99 in English and I think about $21-22.00 Idk. Never been to America or used their currency. Btw my rainbow loom package is gonna be at my house this Saturday or next Monday! 😀 Hope this helps!
    P:S – U can get bands from Smyths, Claires accessories, Toys R Us, etc…u'll know wat im talkin about if u live in Great Britain.

  57. Hi Where can I buy the book? Or be able to print the instructions and patterns? Thank you

  58. hi just wanted say your website is neat i love rainbow loom but it can be real confusing i hope your tutorials online will help me

  59. Was hoping to get the instructions for the one that’s up the top second row 4th along to your right in the pitcher under the first paragraph!! Thank you


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