Color Your Own Printable Bookmarks

I’ve come to realize that I have many addictions when it comes to my craft.

You  know how some people have a total weakness for designer fabric, or a soft spot for the chunky yarn?

Color Your Own Printable Bookmarks

Well, my addictions run a long list.  First of all, there’s paper straws.  Totally addicted.  Bought some new ones this weekend in fact – there was a small opening in the XL Ziploc bag that I limit my stash to, and those grey chevron beauties in the Michaels aisle were just calling out, no, singing out, to me.  Then there’s vinyl.  My vinyl drawer runneth over.

Vinyl... so much vinyl.

I also have a problem with glitter, and anything glitter related.  Glitter glue, glitter ribbon, glitter tape, fine glitter, chunky glitter, it doesn’t matter.  “Everything’s better with glitter (and apparently, vinyl and a paper straw)” should be my motto.

There’s one last addiction – baker’s twine.  Something about it is just so cheery, don’t you think?  The swirls of the colors, co-mingling to create a total that is way greater than the sum of it’s parts…

Just like any addict, I will take whatever I can get.  That means my supply of twine comes from a variety of sources, most of which come from a daily deal site where you can buy a spool that will last your whole life for practically pennies.  However, also like any addict, I have my absolute favorite, my creme de la creme, the best baker’s twine in all of the land.

We R Memory Keepers baker's twine - Use the code MARTHA to save 20% off your entire "Shop We R" purchase!

It’s the spools from We R Memory Keepers.

I’ve tried a lot of twine in my day, and let me tell you what usually happens:  It splits under the slightest pressure or manipulation.  It’s still better than no twine, but not as good as the We R Stuff.

And the colors… well, twine is usually a slightly off white color – almost like a canvas color, so when it is dyed, the colors are never super bright.  That doesn’t happen with the We R stuff, because it’s white white, which leaves the colors bright bright.

Color Your Own Printable Bookmarks!

I whipped up these printable bookmarks for my monthly gig over at Organize & Decorate Everything, and I decided to make another set to share here to show you an easy way to use the twine – a gateway activity shall we, into the wonderful world of We R twine.

(If you want more details on my clever little laminating hack, head over to the O&DE post to see how you can “faux-laminate” the bookmarks with something you likely have lying around the house.)

This twine didn’t split once, even when my daughter threaded them through with her shaky hands and not fully developed hand eye coordination.  They may have split a little though when I cut them, since my scissors were full of sticky Mr. Freezie goo, but that’s to be expected.

Color Your Own Printable Bookmarks!

Want to create your own super fun bookmarks for the summer?  You can download the Hawaiian bookmarks here, and you can head over to Leanne’s amazing blog to grab the owl set.  Full directions on how to “assemble” them are also on her post!

And want to grab some of this amazing baker’s twine?  Head over to We  R Memory Keepers and grab  your own (you can use the discount code MARTHA for 20% off your total purchase!!!)


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