World’s Funnest Dad Giveaway – win a Cricut and $1000 in prizes

Are you ready for the FUNNEST giveaway ever?  (Yep, that’s right – the FUNNEST!)  Check this out…

What’s up for grabs?

-A Cricut Father’s Day Bundle + a year of Cricut Craft Room access to more than 37,000 images!
-An Ubooly—a plush interactive toy that works with your smart phone to make your kids smarter+ $100 in Ubooly Lab credit
-A camcorder from with 16GB of internal memory, 70x zoom and 3.0” touch-screen
About is a site designed to provide tools to strengthen families worldwide. Filled with practical solutions from real people, can be your go-to guide for a stronger, more loving family. Whether you want to ask a question or help others find a solution, you can find and share tips on parenting, home, health, vacations, love, and all things family.
About the Cricut Father’s Day Bundle
Complete with a sleek, black Cricut Expression and multiple manly materials to create with, the Cricut Father’s Day Bundle will get the dad in your life creating with cereal boxes, Duck Tape and vinyl for crafts and customizing everything from tech to water bottles. You’ll also find a deep-cut blade & a Cricut toolkit, which makes creating manly crafts easy! Your Dad & family will get all-access for one full year to the entire Cricut Craft Room digital library, which includes access to more than 37,000 images and fonts!
About Ubooly:
When we first created Ubooly we wanted to provide children with an interactive & engaging toy that would be both entertaining & educational. As children everywhere are falling in love with their new pet, now it’s time for the parents to play. With Ubooly Lab the parent now has full control of customizing their child’s playtime! We’d love for you to dive into the Ubooly Lab experience and write personal posts on how you & your child engage with the new features.  Ubooly will know their child’s name, and like the same: colors, interests, food, hobbies etc.
By purchasing credits parents will be able to unlock Educational, Interest, and Helper packs, which are all designed to be age appropriate for different age ranges (3-9) and are written by a large team of elementary teachers and comedians..
  • Educational Packs: Our Lesson packs are created on a 5 day schedule, and keep parents in the loop with progress report
  • Interest Packs: Our interest packs are full of fun facts of trivia to get your child excited about specific topics.
  • Fitness & Helper Packs: Ubooly will also help with personal growth & create healthy habits through the Fitness and Helper packs.

Sounds awesome right?  Who would like to enter to win and show your Dad how FUN he is?  What a great gift for you to share!  Entering is simple… just use the rafflecopter widget box below to enter!  Good luck!

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  1. i would love for my man to win this. he is pretty hands down the funniest dad.

  2. The Dad here is absolutely wonderful! He`s the FUN one, always taking the boys everywhere & spends endless time making sure they are smiling. With my shift-work, he`s with them day & night, and they have such a close bond! :)

  3. Cool giveaway for those fun Dads!!

  4. My husband is the most fun dad! He has our kiddos laughing all the time and makes everything a game! Love him!

  5. Wow~!Quite a bit of following in order to enter! I know this machine will be worth the millions of pins I’ll be receiving – LOL!!! Thank you & nice meeting all of you :)

  6. My dad is is amazing and almost 80….he has over come everything that was meant to tear him down!

  7. Thanks for the giveaway!! I have an awesome dad and husband…..Happy Father’s Day to them both!!

  8. My husband, Scott, is the most amazing fun Dad! He is always cracking a joke, singing silly songs, reading books with crazy inflection (hello, Skippy Jon Jones!), and just making life Fun! We love him so much!!

  9. My fun Dad became my Dad when I was 14. He would chase us with shaving cream, play games, make jokes, do silly stunts and dances. He would wrestle around with us, teach us fun pranks and jokes. Chase us down the road to give birthday spanks and it was hilarious. He would sit down with the family for a proper well mannered meal and fling food at use, Lol. He was the funnest and best dad that anyone could ask for. He never once treated us as if we weren’t his very own. Our background was strict and abusive by a former stepfather. Dad was a breath of fresh air. He restored a faith and belief in us and trust. As a Grandfather he was the best and extremely loving and affectionate hero and best friend. Even at only four, my son now 6 remembers and talks about him all of the time. My girls lost a hero. My 15 year old daughter, a best friend. He was a funny and wonderful Dad. Our Dad.My Dad. He unfortunately came into our lives at the beginning of a 24 year long battle with terminal and painful illness. We lost him summer 2011. It’s been a daily battle to ease our emotional pain and loss. This is my funny Dad.

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