Sprinkle Filled Pixie Sticks

Today, I’m sharing a fun treat that I am going to make for my daughter’s fourth birthday party in about six weeks – sprinkle filled pixie sticks!

Sprinkle Filled Pixie SticksThese are one of the easiest things you can make – all you need are paper straws (any fun design or color will do), sprinkles, scissors, and some sort of double sided adhesive.  A funnel will also be a big help!

Sprinkle Filled Pixie Sticks

To start, cut your straws in half (I found this size better for a little kids party, but you could use a full size straw too).  Close one end of your tape by placing a piece of double sided adhesive inside the end, and folding it tight.  Then, put your funnel inside your straw, or if its too big to fit inside the straw, like mine was, just put it outside but tip your straw sideways as your pouring the sprinkles in and cover around the funnel opening with your hand to prevent a terrible mess.  Doing it over the sink or a big bowl wouldn’t be a bad idea either.


Leave about half an inch at the top to close up, and then use some more adhesive and fold again.  To be honest, I got tired of the adhesive and did some of these just by creating a tight fold and it does hold up really well.  If they are a decoration and used right at the party, say to decorate your cupcake, I wouldn’t waste my time with the adhesive.  If I were sending them home as part of a favor or gift of any type, I would use the adhesive, just to be sure.

Sprinkle Filled Pixie Sticks

My kids thought these were the best things ever, and they had a lot of fun sprinkling them on top of some pretty (store bought) cupcakes.  It would make such a cute party activity, don’t you think?  You could even color coordinate them inside the straw, so the kids could choose their sprinkle color.

Sprinkle Filled Pixie Sticks

And, since I am in full on party mode now (I have 6 parties to plan/throw in the next 10 weeks!), I thought it would be fun to participate in Crazy Little Projects 2nd Birthday Bash!  Everyday this week, she will have a new giveaway and a bunch of great party posts!

Big Birthday Bash with Crazy Little Projects - a week filled with giveaways and great party posts!

To enter her giveaway for the day, which is an amazing $100 credit to Jo Totes (have you seen their bags?!  Loooo-ove!) head over to her page, or enter her Frozen  giveaway on her Facebook page  (Let it go… let it go… can’t hold it back – anyone?).  Good luck, and have fun partying!

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  1. Sarah,

    This is pure GENIUS! Love this idea!

  2. This is a genius idea! My kids will LOVE them!!

  3. Super cute idea, Sarah! Pinned to make with my kiddos soon! :) XO

  4. What a super-creative and cute idea. Thanks for sharing!


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