Remembrance Day

Normally, I enjoy Sundays with my girls and play catch up from the rest of the week, but today is Remembrance Day in Canada, and I wanted to commemorate it, since it is a holiday that I hold so near and dear to my heart.  Even before I married a soldier, I had a deep respect for the soldiers who had earned us our freedom.  Remembrance Day is a solemn day that needs to be respected and acknowledged by all.

With a day such as this, it is easy to get caught up in the politics of how you feel – should we go to war, should we not, what is right, what is wrong, etc, etc… but that’s not the point of Remembrance Day.  That’s not what we should focus on.  We focus on the men, most of who left our country as boys, who so bravely defended their country, their honour, and their belief, and left their families for our sake, some of them never to return.  Like the old adage says, freedom is not free. 
My daughter has lived through her dad being in Afghanistan, and she know understands the horrors of war.  Every Remembrance Day, she begs to watch videos on YouTube of the soldiers who fought so that she could go to her church, speak two languages, and enjoy all that she has.  Today, I hope you have all found a way to commemorate those who have given of themselves for you.  Please thank them for doing so, you don’t know how much that means to them.
Here are our two favourite Remembrance Day songs to watch on this day.  One tells so eloquently of the respect we need to give our veterans, and the other speaks of the respect veterans give us by defending our honour.  I hope they help you reflect on all it means to be Canadian.
Thank you.  We remember you.

“In war, there are no unwounded soldiers.” – Jose Narosky

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