November Must Read Book Picks

In October, I shared three of my favourite books from that month with you (which you can view by clicking here).  I thought at the end of November, I would do the same… it’s a little past the end of November, but better late than never right?  Plus you will need some great books to fill all the “downtime” over the holidays… or the long drives to family!  So, here they are: My favourite three books of November!

(1) Sharp Objects by Gillian Flynn

This was a book that I literally couldn’t stop reading.  I wanted to read it more than I wanted to eat, blog, or craft. Like Gone Girl, Sharp Objects is a very dark read – perhaps even darker than Gone Girl.  Here’s how one review put it, and I couldn’t agree more: “There is something deeply unhealthy about this book… Reading this made me feel a little unwell, both physically and mentally, but I am glad I did.”  If you liked Gone Girl, you will really like this one.

(2) Skipping a Beat by Sarah Pekkanen

I love this author, and this is the second time I went through this book.  It is so captivating, and you really get drawn into the main character’s struggle.  At first, I wanted to dislike her, and label her as selfish and materialistic, but the author does such a great job of developing the characters that you find yourself going back and forth between sides.  Definitely a must read!

(3) Night Road by Kristin Hannah

I read three books by Kristin Hannah this month, and Night Road was probably my favourite  although it was a close call (the other two were Magic Hour and Home Front).  It was a sobfest, I’ll tell you that upfront, but it was so worth it.  It’s about a young girl who falls in love but a tragic accident turns the world upside down and leaves you wondering who was really to blame and if you can forgive someone who hurt you so much.  If you can handle a few tears, I highly recommend you get this one!

And in case you didn’t read October picks and join me on GoodReads, I hope you do now.  It has helped me find so many awesome books, and I would love to see what you’re reading – check out GoodReads here and add me as a friend here.  And please leave a comment if you have read any awesome books lately, I’m always looking for something new to read!

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