Minnie Mouse Party Games and Activities

Last week, I shared some details about the favours we had at my daughters party.  Today, I’m going to share the Minnie Mouse party games and activities with you!


The party activities were little carnival style games that I created, all matching the Minnie theme and colours.  We had Drop the Clothespin (stand on a chair over a jar and drop the clothespin into the jar), which we created by putting washi tape on a clothespin and a ribbon around our spaghetti jar.  Super simple!
The next game was Ping Pong Bounce.  I bought some pink balls (they were actually golf practice balls) from the dollar store, and used an old container to throw them in.  I wrapped the container in fancy polka dot wrapping paper that I bought from Target while I was at SNAP.
The third game was my favourite!  It was Pin the Ears on Stella.  I went to my local Staples and had them print a huge (24×36 inches) engineering print of Stella.  Cost?  61 cents a square foot!  So this huge picture cost about $3.50.  A poster would have cost over $20.00.  Engineered prints are printed on regular paper, so I used double sided tape to attach the picture to a sheet of foam board.  Then, I grabbed a piece of wood and used gorilla tape to attach it to the foam board and stuck it in the ground.
The fourth game was Ring Toss.  I used two embroidery hoops and wrapped them in pink washi tape.  Then, I used a old frame that I bought at a thrift store a long time ago.  This thing used to be the most hideous brassy color ever until I spray painted it black.  I used double sided tape to attach some of the same wrapping paper over the ugly floral still life picture that was inside the frame, and then stuck some clear bottles on the frame which had been decorated with a small piece of the wrapping paper and some of uthe circles from the party printables.
We also had a Beanbag Toss, but I somehow managed to not get a picture of that one.  Not sure how that happened, but I basically made a big Minnie head out of foamboard, glued on a big bow, and cut a hole in the center for the kids to throw the beanbags through.
At each games, their were canisters with prizes inside that they got to grab as they played the games – these were the treats that filled up their favour bags. I decorated the canisters with ribbon and Minnie silhouettes and stuffed some pink grass inside the jars with the prizes.
I loved that I didn’t have to spend very much on all of these activities.  The only cost was the foam board (dollar store – $1.00 a sheet x 3 sheets), the engineered print (about $3.50), and the pink balls ($1), so the total cost was well under $3.00.  I love using things that I already own, because not only does it save money, but I don’t have to worry about finding a new home for all of these random party supplies once the party is over.  I also spent $10 on all of the games signs – they were $2 wooden plaques from the dollar store.


I created the cute signs by painting the edges of the plaque black, and then used Mod Podge to attach polka dot scrapbook to the plaque.  I then added the Minnie silhouette (cut with my digital cutter), the bow, and the names of each game.  You could Mod Podge over the top of it, but I wasn’t concerned about it’s durability so I didn’t.  (I took the picture after the party, so excuse the wear and tear!)
Next week, I’ll share the last post from her party (the decor and food table) and I’ll also share the printable package that I created for her party so that you can create your own Minnie party too!  You won’t want to miss it!

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  1. I am so loving seeing all the ideas from your party. It was super cute!

  2. What sweet activities! I love them! I am visiting you today from the Live Laugh Linky Thursday party and would be so happy if you would link up any and all of your Minnie Mouse party planning posts at my party; Party In Polka Dots! It is going on right now and closes at noon(CT)on Friday!


    Hope to see you there!!


  3. Love it. I’m totally gonna try and replicate. Question: Do you have a picture of the ears for the pin the eara game? And how does it look when it’s pinned?

    • Oh my goodness – this is such a late response! I dont have a picture, but I just basically made a half circle type shape with the ears on it… so similar to the mouse hats you get at disneyworld? It was pretty easy, I just freehanded it. I just put tape on the back of it, so they stuck it on the picture like those hats again! Hope that helps!

  4. Hi I wanted to know how do you play pingpong bounce

    • There is a bucket or some sort of container a few feet away from the children and they have to try to bounce the ping pong ball off the table and into the bucket – if they are younger they can just try to throw it without bouncing it, if it is easier :) Pretty simple!


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