Just Add Snow – A Snowman Kit

My niece turns one in December, and my sister is using me as a “consultant” for her party… what does that mean?  I get to listen to all of her ideas and tell her if she should do it or suggest a better idea :)  She is having a Winter One-derland party of sorts.  For a favour, she thought of making snowman kits for the little party goers.  I loved the idea and set about making one myself, that my daughter will give her teacher and her family for Christmas (her teacher is also one of our neighbours!).
We did some research to find the best way to do this, and see if anyone else had made them.  We came across this idea from The Fickle Pickle.   She made her own hats from felt, but after stitching Stella’s Halloween costume, I am still not ready to use my sewing machine yet.  Then, one day, while perusing the Dollar Store, I saw they had a great selection of top hats for New Years Eve.  They had super cute plastic glittered ones, but since it has to endure the rugged Canadian cold, I went for the stiff fabric velvet ones.
The kit turned out super cute.  All of my supplies came from the dollar store – the top hat, the scarf, and river rocks.  (Oh, and the carrot came from my fridge.)
I created some cute tags in GIMP, and printed them, they stuck them on with double sided tape and stick pins.  Then, I placed it all inside the hat with some cute snowflake tissue paper.
I wrapped it all up with a cute polka dot cellophane.  A tip that my mom taught me for wrapping baskets: pull the wrap up on a diagonal (so opposite corners) and then fold the other two corners in.  Cut off any extra corners that are sticking out further than the others.
I tied it with a cute ribbon and a double sided tag that I created.  One side says “snowman kit – just add snow” and the other side has a cute snowman with a Merry Christmas greeting.
Again, a super quick and easy cute little gift for under $5 that you can easily whip up for a neighbour, teacher, or anyone else who you want to share a little extra Christmas treat with.

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  1. Hey You ! I’m sorry we couldn’t meet up…if the world doesn’t end today than we have time ..haha.
    Where did you go? or maybe I’m just used to my chaotic city….anyway…keep in touch…xo
    love the snowman kit…brilliant !

  2. This is a really cute idea and I am keeping this in my back pocket.

  3. What a fun gift idea!! I love this for a neighbor :o) Too bad we rarely have snow.

  4. What a clever idea! Seriously I’ve never seen this before. What a fun idea for the kiddos during winter break. We are never guaranteed snow around here but I’m always hoping for it!

  5. This would be cute for an advent calendar activity.

  6. Lol! Such a cute idea!

  7. Awesome idea! I pinned it. I’d love you to come link up at my Pin Me Linky Party.

  8. So cute! I would love if you would share at Fall Into the Holidays, open until Thursday!


    Katie @ Horrific Knits

  9. Eeeee! I’m squealing with delight. I love this idea. It’s so perfect, especially for my child, who is self-dubbed the master of snowman making. Now, just waiting for the Midwest blizzard to hit. This will make a good kid cousin-to-cousin gift.

    Thanks a million!


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