{Free Printable} Valentines Keepsake Memory Book

My daughter and I always try to make something special with her Valentine’s that she gets every year – we usually make some sort of scrapbook.  This year I decided to make a special little printable book that she can stick all of her valentines in and keep in one  place.
And… since I love you so much, I decided to give you all a copy as well!

To make your own Valentine Memory Book, you will need:

You will need:
the printables
– a paper trimmer (to cut the edges off your paper)
– hole punch and ribbon OR stapler

There are four different patterned pages in the printable (polka dot, diagonal stripe, flower, and plaid), along with the polka dot cover. I printed the cover on cardstock, and the other pages on plain paper, double sided.  To print double sided at home, I print each page one at a time, and insert the page back in the printer so it will print on the other side.  I trimmed the edges, and then folded them in half.  You can stack them in any order you want – in fact, you can even print only one style if you want.  The nice thing about this is that you can print as many or as little pages as you want.
Once your pages are stacked, punch two holes down the “spine” of the book.  If your hole punch doesn’t reach, you may have to close the book, and punch half circles from the side – that is what I did.  Then, I slipped a ribbon through the holes and tied it in a pretty bow.  You could also use staples here too instead of holes and ribbon.

Each page has a space to tape on the valentine and to write who it is from.  I stuck in some valentines that my daughter had from last year so you have an idea of how it will look when it’s completed.  How much fun would it be to decorate it even more with Valentine’s Day stickers?  My daughter (who is also super crafty) is going to be super excited about this!  I hope your kiddos are too, and you can enjoy the memories for years to come!

Download your own set of printables here!!

**All graphics used to create this printable were made by Bella Gypsy Design, using the Give it Away kit.

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  1. So cute, Sarah! I’m pinning for later use :o)

  2. This is the cutest thing ever! Totally doing this! Thanks! :)

  3. So simple and cute. You’re awesome!

  4. What a CUTE idea!!!!

  5. Cute!

  6. I love this idea and wish I had thought of something like this when my kiddo’s were young! Maybe I can make one for my Granddaughter.
    Thanks so much for the inspiration!
    Lisa H.

  7. Such a great idea! Pinning so I can make this for my nieces!

  8. Very cute! Featuring you tomorrow from Pinworthy Projects!

  9. Wow love this!! such a nice idea to collect all their valentines.

  10. This is so great! Thanks for sharing!

  11. Love this idea! Pinned!

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