DIY S'mores Kit Gift

This weekend is my family Christmas party in Toronto – yes that’s right, back on the road again for another 4-5 hour drive.  I needed to come up with a small gift for my extended family, some of who have children, some without, so I decided to make two different gifts.  Here is the one for the families with children:
You should know by now how much I love kits that promote family time.  When I gave my neighbour her Sundae Kit last year, she raved.  She said it was a reason for them to all sit down together and spend quality time together, just chatting as a family – no movie, no games, just fun together.  Then, I created the Cupcake Kit for my friend Jenny from Jessie Street Designs as well.  So this time, I decided to do a S’mores Kit.
I purchased my ingredients and then surfed Pinterest to find a clever way of packaging them.  I found this link from My Favorite Finds and was set to go.
If you want to make some of these kits, you will need:
-Graham Crackers
-Chocolate Bars
-Cellophane Bags
-Small gift boxes
I created different sizes for each family, depending on how many people were in the family.  I included two long graham crackers, two big marshmallows, and half a regular sized chocolate bar per person.
The first step was to cut a hole in the center of the top of the gift box.  I used my circle cutter for this, but you can freehand a shape or use a stencil and scissors.  Then, tape a piece of cellophane on the reverse side of the cover.
Once the marshmallows and crackers were placed in cellophane bags, all of the items were placed on top of tissue paper in the base of the gift box.  If there are small gaps, roll up tissue paper so that your items don’t shift around too much.

These were super quick to make, and with a big family, a huge budget saver!

Have you received any fun “family” gifts, or are you giving any this year?  I would love to hear about them! And make sure to check back tomorrow to see the quick and easy gift I made for the family without children!

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  1. Really like this idea. Your presentation is fab!

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