3-in-1 Toolbox Craft Supplies Organizer

Can you believe we’re halfway through January already?  How are those New Years Resolutions coming along?  This year, I made the two most common New Years Resolutions ever made – to eat healthier and become more organized.  One thing that really needed organizing was my craft stash.  Last year, I created a crafting “room” for myself out of the closet in our guest bedroom, but I am somewhat of a “crafting gypsy”. I like to craft in different rooms (i.e. tv room), and I like to go to craft nights – which results in me filling up bags of stuff that I never end up putting away. In the summer time, we spend most of our time at the family cottage, where I have no crafting supplies.  I was desperate for some sort of “portable” crafting organizer.
When I was presented with the opportunity to review a product from Trinity‘s line of storage solutions, I saw this 3-in-1 rolling toolbox and a light bulb went off.  This could be the storage solution I need.  Let me tell you, it came a few days ago, and I am in love!  (So is my husband, by the way – he is already plotting to steal it for his tools.)
This is not your ordinary toolbox. It is a super sleek stainless steel, and it has three compartments that seperate – so I can carry just one part if its to a small craft night, or the whole thing to the cottage for the week.  There is so much storage room in this bad boy, and along with being super sturdy, the wheels and telescoping handle make it so easy to manoeuvre around.

The bottom compartment is an open space. I filled it with felt, tulle, and 12×12 scrapbook paper. I put a cardboard box in the bottom to make sure it stayed standing instead of flopping over.  (If you are a sewer – my sewing machine fit in here as well. How cool would this be as a mobile sewing station?!)
The middle compartment is two drawers.  I used one for my basic supplies like scissors, punches, glue, and tape.  The second drawer I used for my stamping supplies. Little drawer organizers work like a charm in these drawers too – so I score bonus points there towards towards my organizing resolution!
The top is laid out with a tray and a bottom compartment.  I used the tray (yes, the entire tray) for a selection of my glitter and glitter glue.  Underneath,  I put a selection of general craft supplies – paint, ribbon, embellishments, twine, fishing line, and bakers twine samples.
Super cute right? I couldn’t possibly love it more. And right now, Trinity is offering all of my readers a 15% discount on any purchases made by February 17 (use code CLEVER0113). And here’s a bonus, they always offer free shipping to mainland US (everywhere else, email sales@trinityii.com to obtain a shipping quote) – so you can have your own portable craft room and achieve your organization resolutions for a steal!  Make sure you grab one of these toolbox craft supplies organizers for yourself :)
*Note: I was selected for this opportunity as a member of Clever Girls Collective, and the content and opinions expressed here are all my own.

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Sarah Desjardins is a mother of two girls, a wife, an elementary school teacher, and a self proclaimed glitter addict. Becoming Martha is a place for anyone who wants to make their domestic life more beautiful and creative. Sarah started Becoming Martha as a place to find bliss between the diapers and the dishes, and invites you to do the same.


  1. I never realized you were Canadian!! And you know what gave it away? The glitter. Yup, that little pack of multi pink and purple glitter that I knew you got at Dollarama (which I haven’t seen in a year, booo, I wanted more!), then I went to your About Me page and your living in Ottawa!! I’m born and raised there, but right now studying in Montreal. You living in the East end or Ouest end?
    And I loled at the “selection of glitter”, cuz that already is a lot of glitter!

  2. Great storage idea!

  3. This looks like awesome storage stuff. Thanks for sharing.

  4. Ok, I am seriously considering this. My husband always gets upset about my stuff being all over the dining room instead of being in my craft room like it belongs. This might be the answer to our problems! :-)

  5. WOW! So organized!! Impressive!!

  6. I love it. How lucky of you:)

    Hopping by and following your lovely blog’s GFC. I blog for health: Lipoid Pneumonia, Breast Cancer & Petroleum Jelly and crafting: Valentine Heart Wreath

  7. Oh man I totally need this for craft fairs! I never would have thought about this (and my boyfriend would LOVE to take me toolkit shopping..he’s a woodworker and loves going to look at tools haha).

    Thanks for sharing the idea!

  8. Oh man. You’re so much more organized than I. Want to come over and help me out?! xoxo

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