2013 Family Organizer and Household Binder System

Happy New Years Eve everyone!  Hope you are having a wonderful holiday!  We still have one week left and we are using it to the fullest by installing  new floors!  Eeek!
Speaking of New Years, is it your resolution to be more organized this year?  It seems that’s the popular one, along with eating healthier, since all of the January editions of magazines are filled with organization ideas and healthy meal plans.  I think I swear every day to be more organized (and every Monday to eat healthier!) but this is the one tool that has really helped me – my family organizer.
I’m sure you have seen them around blog land – everyone seems to have one.  What is it, you ask?  It’s basically a big command center for your home, but packed into a binder.  It has what you’re doing next week, what you’re cooking for supper, what bills you have paid, and your doctors phone number all in one convenient spot.  It is such a handy thing to have!
My Christmas planner was such a huge success that some readers began asking if I had a family organizer available for sale.  I did actually create one last year (which I showed you here and here) but I wanted to update it before I listed it in my etsy store (where, by the way, I sell custom party printables and blog design).  I just put the finishing touches on a cute customizable cover, and it’s now listed here.  What do you need in addition to these printables?  A bit of time, a home printer (or print them at your local office supply store), a binder, and a pen – or you can place them in page protector sheets and use a wet erase marker, that’s what I do.  {For more details and photos of what’s included, check the store listing.}
But for all of my fabulous Facebook fans, I’m offering you a 20% off discount for the month of January – just in time to get those “I’m going to be organized” resolutions off to a good start.  Head to my page and click on the Discount Code tab at the top.  

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  1. This is such a great idea. I totally live and die by my command center and, having it more portable would be awesome.

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