Frozen Easter Baskets – Tutu Style!

Surprise your little Elsa fan this Easter with the fabulous and fancy Frozen Easter Basket!

So even though Spring has apparently abandoned us, Easter is apparently still coming – snow or not.  And since we have to face the likely fact that there will still be snow on the ground two weeks from now, I figured why not go with – hence this Frozen Easter Basket, perfect for all of the little Elsa fans in your house. Can we just do a check – is Frozen still huge in your house?  Because it sure is {Read More}

How to Easily Paint Pillows

How to Easily Paint Pillows with fabric paint and a stencil!

As I mentioned yesterday in the Monday Funday post, I think Spring has forgotten all about us this year.  Not only has it been a miserably long and terribly cold winter, but Spring is just nowhere in sight. Sure, she peeks out just long enough to taunt us, but then runs away and leaves us with more snow and forecasted temperatures of -27. Wherever Spring is, she isn’t here, and she is certainly ticking me off. Which made me all {Read More}

Monday Funday 03/22

Remember last week when I wrote the Spring Wreath post, and I said that I had faith that winter was almost over and that spring would soon be here? Yeh, I lost it. We received another dumping of snow, and the forecast for the next three days is a balmy -27.  Mother Nature, Elsa, whoever you are that’s controlling our winter – I’ve had enough! However, if Spring is starting to peek out in your corner of the woods, you’re {Read More}

Monday Funday 03/15 + 12 Spring DIY Projects

13 DIY Projects for Spring #mondayfundayparty

Welcome to the 8 blog Monday Funday link party! We are excited to have you join the fun. The Monday Funday party is a great place to find new ideas and recipes to try. Share you latest diy projects, crafts, creativity, and recipes while you are browsing through the party. See the best of the blogging world in one place! Uncommon Designs | That’s What {Che} Said | Creatively Living | Club Chica Circle | A Night Owl Blog | {Read More}

Baker’s Twine Spring Wreath

This Baker's Twine Spring Wreath is a breeze to put together thanks to premade Easter decorations!

Do you know what I found kinda ironic about this post for my Spring Wreath? That I had to trudge through the snow to take pictures of it.  Yes, the sun is staying out longer, and the numbers on the thermometer are starting to increase (although we have yet to make it out of the negatives), which are all signs pointing to Spring, so I guess I will just have to take their word for it, right? Spring is on {Read More}

Monday Funday 03/08 + St. Patrick’s Day Projects


Hi all! The Monday Funday party is about to begin and I am excited – this week I get to pick features, so I am super pumped to share all of your fabulous ideas! Before we get started, here’s what I’ve been up to this week: My daughter and I created this awesome arm knit cowl – perfect for that in between weather leading up to Spring.  Tomorrow, I will be sharing my Spring wreath, so make sure you stop {Read More}

15 Minute Arm Knit Cowl – for Kids or Adults!

Arm Knit Cowl in 15 Minutes - Great for Kids and Adults!

Last year, I taught myself to arm knit over March Break.  It was such a quick skill to learn, and if you haven’t picked it up already, you really should!  I created several wrap around infinity scarves for family members that were so beautiful, and one for myself as well.  But this year, I haven’t worn mine at all.  I have totally been into wearing a cowl – I love that it can cover up my nose when it’s a {Read More}

Monday Funday 03/01 + 10 Indoor DIY Projects

Happy Sunday! This past week was my first one back to a more regular blogging schedule, and what a crazy one it was!  I had an article published in The Huffington Post – how wild is that?!  I wrote the post just trying to get my thought sand frustrations regarding a revamp of our provincial health curriculum (which includes sex ed) and the post went nuts, which led to HP asking to repost it.  I was so shocked but really {Read More}

Why I Support Sex Ed in Schools (A Conservative Mother’s View)


Preface: This is a post I didn’t intend to write.  It started as a way to get my frustrations and thoughts out of my head.  Then, it kind of just turned into this post/article/piece of writing that I really wanted to share.  I sat on it for two weeks, deciding what to do.  Every night, I tossed and turned, wondering what to do.  It was something I really wanted to say, but was this the place for it?  If not, where {Read More}

Duck Tape Bookmark

Duck Tape Bookmarks - a fun and easy kids craft!

    I have tio give credit where credit is due – this ide actually came from my daughter.  She was running out the door to the bus and needed a bookmark.  She grabbed the closest thing she could use – her roll of bacon duck tape – folded it over, and went on her way.  I naturally thought, “That’s such a cute idea for a bookmark!”  and when she came home, her and I got to work creating some {Read More}

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