Monday Funday 02/07 + 10 Beautiful DIY Projects

Hey friends!  I am so excited to be back for another Monday Funday edition.  In case you’ve missed the post I shared this week, you might want to check out Part 4 of my Tame Your Photos series: Welcome to Monday Funday Link Party! Every Sunday evening 9 of us bloggers get together and party with all of you! Whether you are joining us to share your latest awesome projects or if you are joining us to see all the {Read More}

Creating Family Photobooks – Part IV

If you’ve missed Parts One, Two, or Three of this series on Creating Family Photobooks, make sure to catch up before starting Part Four! Hi everyone! Welcome back to part four of the series on creating these beautiful family photobooks.  When we left off last week, you were starting to create your pages.  If you aren’t done creating all of your pages yet, that’s okay – just take your time and come back to this part when you are ready to {Read More}

Monday Funday 01/31 + 12 Fun Projects To Make This Week

It’s Sunday night, y’all!  Time to paaarty!   I am so excited to see what you guys have been up to this week.  I have been busy writing the photobook series, of which I just posted Part III.  Make sure you check it out here – it’s my favorite part of the process, actually designing the pages! And now… on to the party, shall we? Thanks for being a part of one of the most rockin’ link parties in the {Read More}

Ice Cream Sandwiches with Smooth Cottage Cheese

When I heard about a new cottage cheese product that GayLea was releasing, I was instantly intrigued.  I am a huge fan of cottage cheese (growing up, we used to have it mixed with fruit salad for dessert, which may seem a little odd, but trust me, it’s delicious) but my kids are really iffy on the texture.  They won’t even eat yogurt that has “chunks” in it.  So when I heard of the new smooth cottage cheese, I thought, {Read More}

How to Create Family Yearbooks – Part III

If you’ve missed Part I and Part II of the creating family yearbooks series, make sure you catch up before starting Part III! Welcome back! Are you excited to get started on making your family yearbooks?  I am!  I can’t wait to share how much I love using the Project Life app and how it changed my life when it comes to documenting my family life. Here’s a quick background: Early last year, I was looking for a photo to {Read More}

Monday Funday 01/24 + 8 Ways to Stay Cozy

Hi all! How was your week?  I hope you had fun – even if you got a huge dump of snow!  (And if you did get a ton of snow, stick around for this weeks features – they’re all about staying cozy!) This week, I shared the second lesson in my series on organizing your digital photos and getting them into your hands so you can really enjoy them.  Make sure you check out Part I and Part II – {Read More}

How to Make a Family Yearbook, Part Two

If you’ve missed the first lesson in the family yearbook series, click here to catch up! So, by now, you have already combined and organized all of your photos, right?  Doesn’t it feel good?  I love it when everything is neat and backed up!  It makes me much less anxious about losing all of my important files, and it makes it easier to create the photobooks.  Speaking of those family yearbooks, let’s get started on the next lesson! The first {Read More}

How to Create a Family Yearbook with the Project Life App

Before Christmas, I wrote a post on 10 Creative Photobook Ideas, and I shared a picture of the family yearbook that I created for every year.  I had a lot of comments and emails, asking how I created them.  A lot of people were wondering how to start mostly, and others wondered about the process I used to create mine, since I always say how easily achievable the results are.  So, I decided to write this mini blog series that will {Read More}

Monday Funday 01/10 + 8 Healthy Recipes for the New Year

Hi everyone!  Welcome to another edition of the Monday Funday party – I am so excited for 2016 to begin!  I’ve been busy finishing up our holidays with family, and putting away the Christmas tree.  I did participate in a super fun Secret Santa exchange ove rthe holidays though, which was facilitated by Cricut.  I created this really cute leather cuff bracelet (cut entirely with my Cricut – yes, it cuts leather!) for my secret santa… …and I received the {Read More}

#TreatsForToys – The Results Are In!

Over the past six weeks, I have shared several posts regarding the #TreatsForToys program. First, we created these Frozen Inspired Snowflake Wands, which we ate at a snow princess themed “tea party”, and we had a Rice Krispies snowman decorating afternoon.  I had so much fun looking through the images on social media and on the online gallery.  There was a minecraft themed treat uploaded to the gallery that was so creative – it was definitely one of my favorites! Now {Read More}

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