Why I Support Sex Ed in Schools (A Conservative Mother’s View)


Preface: This is a post I didn’t intend to write.  It started as a way to get my frustrations and thoughts out of my head.  Then, it kind of just turned into this post/article/piece of writing that I really wanted to share.  I sat on it for two weeks, deciding what to do.  Every night, I tossed and turned, wondering what to do.  It was something I really wanted to say, but was this the place for it?  If not, where {Read More}

Duck Tape Bookmark

Duck Tape Bookmarks - a fun and easy kids craft!

    I have tio give credit where credit is due – this ide actually came from my daughter.  She was running out the door to the bus and needed a bookmark.  She grabbed the closest thing she could use – her roll of bacon duck tape – folded it over, and went on her way.  I naturally thought, “That’s such a cute idea for a bookmark!”  and when she came home, her and I got to work creating some {Read More}

Monday Funday 02/22

Heeeeeeyyyyy!  It’s that time of the week once again – time to share your latest and greatest!  I have a few posts scheduled for this week, and am finally getting back into the routine of things after our great clean out, the furntiure buying fiasco, the deep freeze (still ongoing, by the way – we haven’t seen much above -20 since 2015 started), and the colds and coughs.  But for now, I get to sit back with my glass of {Read More}

Monday Funday 02/15

Hi everyone!  It’s Sunday evening again, so you know what that means!  We get to change roles, and you get to inspire me! Before we get into it, I finally did some crafting and blogging this week – I created these hexagons for my daughters wall out of a secret material… any guesses? Wwe also played around with the super cute new AmiGami toys from Mattel – head over to my instagram to see whaot othat’s all about.  They are {Read More}

Styrofoam Hexagon Wall Art

hexagon wall art

Well, well…look who’s crawled back to the blog from the land of the ill.  It’s me!  Seriously, between the girls and I, we just can’t break away from this cold!  Add having to buy all new furniture for our basement so we look like adults and not college students who dragged our furniture home from the dump, and I have been out for the count.  It’s good to be back with a project to share with you! Hexagons seem to {Read More}

Monday Funday 02/06 + 20 Chocolate Treats


Hi everyone! Welcome to the Monday Funday party – this week I got to choose the features, and let me tell you, it was a tough one!  With over 500 link ups last week, it was hard to decide on just 20 to share with everyone.  Eventually I chose these yummy chocolate treats – just in time for Valentine’s Day!  Enjoy ———————- The Monday Funday Link Party is a 8 Blog Party where you can share your latest creativity…DIY projects, {Read More}

Great New Preschooler Apps + $100 Visa Gift Card Giveaway

napkin man

I taught kindergarten before moving to Ontario, and I often teach it here as well, along with Junior Kindergarten.  Often times, the social aspect of learning is even more than the academic learning, and when I think of good apps and stories for my own daughter (also of JK age), I tend to look for ones that will teach good interpersonal skills. That’s why I love these new apps from Napkin Man.  Have you ever seen The Adventures of Napkin {Read More}

Monday Funday 02/01


Happy Monday everyone!  It’s time to show us all what you’ve been up to – and I can’t wait to see it all!  I have been busy finishing up the house remodels (yipee for new furniture) and hopefully life aorund here should be back to normal this week!  I’ve been keeping in touch on facebook though, so make sure you are following along there! And now, to the party! The Monday Funday Link Party is a 8 Blog Party where {Read More}

Monday Funday 01/25


Welcome back! We are so excited to be hosting another edition of the Monday Funday party.  I’m still taking a temporary blog hiatus while I renovate and remodel some of my house – with a huge decluttering mission!  We’ve gotten rid of sooo many bags and boxes of stuff – I can’t believe we have been hanging on to it all for so long!  It almost makes me feel lighter to have it gone. I’ve been posting a little on {Read More}

Monday Funday 01/23


Hi again! It’s Sunday evening, so you all know what that means – another edition of the Monday Funday party! If you’re new, Monday Funday is where readers get to share their projects and ideas from the week gone by with each other, and we get a fresh dose of inspiration.  It’s hosted by 8 amazing bloggers, and I love seeing what you’ve been up to every week! So let’s get started! ________________ Welcome to the 8 blog Monday Funday {Read More}

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